You can connect with members on Graitek with any budget.

Become a Partner

How does the partner program work?

Our partner program has two approaches, the first is a unique, and highly effective interest based advertising that drive traffic to where you currently sell your products and the second is where we provide everything and only send you the purchases for fulfillment.

We call them Offers, and we can show you some amazing results on both Events and Products. The key is to target a portion of our audience that is interested in your offer, and our team stands ready to help you create an offer and target the right portion of our audience to give you maximum results.

Events pertinent to group's interest.
Products pertinent to group's interest.

We provide the tools that enable our partners to control what they spend to promote their events and products as well as how much they pay for each view, click and conversion. These tools include detailed reporting on which groups, and what members respond, and how they responded to each offer.

What's a View?

When a member in a targeted group sees an offer on Graitek.

What's a Click?

When a member clicks on a portion of the offer to reveal additional buying information.

What's a Conversion?

When a member has enough interest in an offer to leave our website or mobile application and continue the buying process on the partner's website.

The Expo

Like the expos at a convention or sporting event, it’s where members can easily find all events and products offered by partners.